"Sea Stand Productions is excellent. Mikael and Heather have created multiple promotional videos for the Kespry Drone System over the last two years.

Kespry builds products on advanced drone flight and data processing technology. Teaching people about commercial drones is about as challenging as designing them in the first place. Mikael and Heather distill it all down to the pure essentials in every video they produce with Kespry. They are creative, they have vision, and they figure out what we need to shoot when we don't yet know ourselves.

Mikael and Heather's work has helped Kespry grow from a 3 engineer startup to a top commercial drone firm with customers across the globe and $11M in venture funding. Our video work is done by Sea Stand Productions exclusively."

- Paul Doersch
CEO, Kespry, Inc.

"These guys are incredible.  Mikael and Heather not only produce incredibly impactful and effective videos, but they’re absolutely wonderful to work with. 

Mikael and Heather recently produced a video for us for our Annual Gala fundraising event.  They needed very little instruction and were incredibly intuitive about what we were looking for and how to communicate it in a way that felt effortless.  We gave them the basic idea of what we wanted and they ran with it and produced a video which was well beyond what we could’ve hoped for.  Their video had the entire audience moved to tears and helped us raise over $100,000. 

These two are an absolute gem and I couldn’t imagine wanting to work with anyone else.  They’re incredibly talented and the heart and passion that they put into their work is evidenced by everything they produce.  Simply put, they are wonderful people who do wonderful work."    

- Laine Himmelman
Corporate Development & PR Officer
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento


"Heather and Mikael are one of the most excellent teams you're going to find anywhere. I've had the pleasure of working with the two of them on multiple projects now, and the creativity they radiate is a sight to see. They're talented artists who can help you organize and bring your ideas to life, all while constantly coming up with excellent and fresh ideas along the way. They're true, honest professionals and I can wholeheartedly recommend them for a project of any style or caliber."

- Greg Cotta
Seasons Coffee Roasters