THE PROCESS begins by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your project. An in-person meeting is usually best, but a phone or web meeting can work too. This is where we get to know you and your vision. We will outline everything that happens between the script and the final delivered video. We can offer suggestions to save time, money, and most importantly, to make your project look its best.

BOOKING comes next. Once we have agreed upon the specifics of your project, we will draft a Production Agreement. The Production Agreement lists all the details about your shoot including number of shoot and edit days, budget, and delivery formats. Once the agreement is signed and a 50% deposit is received, we’re off to Pre-Production!

PRE-PRODUCTION, though often overlooked, is a very important element of The Process. This is where the script or outline is written and every facet of the shoot is planned. We offer pre-production resources including scriptwriting, scheduling, and location scouting/booking. Extra time spent in Pre-Production is paid back double in Production.

PRODUCTION is where the ‘Action!’ is. Lights are set up, talent arrives, and cameras roll. We will work diligently to make the production process both smooth and successful.

POST-PRODUCTION is the final step in The Process. This is when we bring together the best elements of video, audio, graphics, and music to create your final product. We comb through hours (sometimes days) of footage to build a story that speaks to your audience in the most effective way. We offer several delivery options including digital files, physical media (DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc.), and web hosting for video.

We look forward to working together to bring your vision to life!

Your shoot date is reserved upon written approval of project specifics including location, date, time, and budget. Signed Production Agreement and 50% deposit required prior to first shoot day. Please see Production Agreement for details.