At Sea Stand Productions, we specialize in creating short form videos for companies and nonprofit organizations to enhance their online presence. Our focus areas include: bio, tourism, fundraising, company culture, special event, live banners, and social media videos.

Bio // Use this custom video on the ‘About Us’ page or home page of your website. It’s a fantastic way for someone to learn more about what you do and get to know your business on a more personal level. Bio videos provide an opportunity to visually show off your brand and provide a behind the scenes view into your work.

Tourism // We personally love traveling and getting to experience the culture of different places from a local’s perspective. With Mikael’s skills in underwater and aerial cinematography, as well as his ability to film while skiing backwards, we can provide a unique perspective in getting visitors interested in your town’s outdoor activities. After a fun day outside, it’s time to check out the breweries, wineries, restaurants and more! We can capture all your town has to offer in a web banner or 1-3 minute web videos.

Fundraising // There’s a special place in our hearts for nonprofits and start-ups and we want to help share your story! Video is the best way for potential financial supporters to see how your business is making a difference. These videos can live on your website or be sent out in e-newsletters. We are proud to say one of the fundraising videos we produced for our client, Habitat For Humanity of Greater Sacramento, helped them raise $100,000 in one month - double the amount of their previous fundraising record! Let us be the messenger of your empowering story to help you grow.

Company Culture // Hiring? Want to entice applicants that would fit perfectly with your team? A company culture video highlights what your company is all about - the individuals behind the operation and of course, the perks of being part of your company. This is the time to share why you and your employees are passionate about what you do and invite others to join the team.

Special Event // We can cover a special event documentary-style or produce a video to advertise an upcoming event. This does not include weddings. If you would like to inquire about hiring us for your wedding, please visit

Live Banners // Noticed how a lot of companies have video in their web banners these days? For good reasons! Autoplay video as the first thing your website visitors see can truly liven up their experience. Is your business a restaurant? Show some fresh, sizzling dinner plates enter on the screen. A winery? How about aerial shots of your vineyard and your delectable wine swirling in a glass? Live banners can be really fun, beautiful and creative!

Social Media // Having video on your Instagram and Facebook page takes branding to the next level. You are likely to see an increase of engagement with your followers when you implement video into your social media. Facebook updated its algorithm in 2015 to prioritize video on the top of news feeds, which would put more eyes on your page. We also create 15 second videos for Instagram. These can be highly produced with up to 15 different shots or as simple as one super slow-mo beauty shot. We recommend adding on a Social Media package to a longer video shoot day to make it most cost effective.