Frequently Asked Questions

I represent a nonprofit looking for video content, but have little to no budget. What are our options?

One of our main goals is to help important causes raise awareness and funding through video and as such, nonprofit organizations are an important segment of our clientele. We can provide resources to help nonprofit companies leverage their media budget through grants and other forms of funding. We have found that investing in quality video content, especially in fundraising campaigns, tends to pay for itself (and then some, hopefully)!

If your nonprofit has a sustainability aspect that you are hoping to advertise, we offer a variety of benefits. Protection of the environment is near and dear to our hearts and we want to encourage sustainability efforts. Please email us to find out more:

I have no idea what a video costs. What should I expect?

Since we are a small boutique video production team we are able to keep our price relatively low for the quality we provide. Depending on your needs, we can put together video packages as low as $1,500. This price is for a half day shoot, including our basic gear package within Sacramento county.

Please fill out the ‘Contact’ page on our website with the details of your shoot, so we can send you an estimate based on location, gear, hours/days of shooting, and final video length.

How much does it cost for a video that is ‘x’ minutes long?

Each video we produce is completely unique. The cost is not dependent on the length of the completed video due to several factors in production and post-production. For example, a one minute video with multiple documentary-style interviews, lots of b-roll footage, motion graphics, and a few music tracks is going to be much more time consuming to produce than a 3 minute scripted video with one person talking to a camera. There have been times we have gone through 20 hours of interviews to edit an 8 minute video and that 20 hours would be included in our editing time if we're not provided with detailed notes. 

After discussing your project, we will build your custom quote. As creative service rates are typically split between production and post-production costs. Production costs are billed per day of shooting, whereas editing is billed hourly. When we have a good idea of what your project will entail, we will give you an estimate based on our experience.

We can absolutely conduct the interviews ourselves. It requires us to bring along a third crew member whose job will be to make the interviewee comfortable while we set up our gear and to be the eye line during the interview since we will be concentrating on the framing, lighting, audio levels, etc. We prefer a representative of your company is with us on set and conducting the interviews to ensure the answer you are hoping to get is provided, but we can make it work either way. Please let us know if you would prefer we conduct the interview, as it will add an additional crew member’s hourly rate to the estimate and we will have to book their time.

Do you conduct the on camera interviews?

We can create storyboards for projects that allow for such pre-production. It is easier to do so for narrative video production with a script and pre-planned shots. We tend to provide a simple written outline for documentary-style shoots, since we don’t know exactly what the interviewee will say and we often find out where the interview will take place as we walk into a shoot.

Do you storyboard?

Once the client signs the contract they allow us permission to use their video for Sea Stand Production’s promotional purposes. This means we might include your video in our website portfolio and we may choose to showcase our favorite shots in our yearly demo reel. If this is an issue, we would need notice in writing from the client before the contract is signed.

Do you reserve the right to use the video in the future for deals, contents, etc.?

On average, turnaround time can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. In the event you have a project that needs to be completed within one week of production time, we can usually expedite your video for a rush fee at 150% of the estimate. This is dependant on whether we have the flexibility in our schedule to do so at the time. Please inquire if you are in need of a fast turn around.

How long does it take for the client to get the final video?

Don't see your question? Feel free to shoot us an email at and we'll do our best to answer your inquiry!