Mikael, Heather and Indiana Jones Kennedy-Gustafson.

Sea Stand Productions was founded in 2015 by Mikael Gustafson and Heather Kennedy, two adventurers who wanted to use their skills and experience as filmmakers for the greater good. Their mission is to create media that inspires and excites; that motivates audiences to engage and above all else...to tell stories worth telling.


Mikael Gustafson

After growing up near Santa Cruz, CA, Mikael attended California State University, Long Beach where he received his degree in Film and Electronic media with concentrations in Cinematography, Narrative Production and Production Management. Previously, Mikael worked for CBS Television Distribution where he produced and filmed branded content for CBS television shows as well as CBS partner companies. Mikael is an avid outdoorsman and takes great pleasure in shooting under extreme conditions. Mikael is a NAUI certified underwater cinematographer.


Heather Kennedy

Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Heather made her way to Los Angeles where she received her degree in Film and Electronic Arts with a concentration in Documentary Production from California State University, Long Beach. She worked as a movie trailer and TV promo editor for several companies in Hollywood before returning to Sacramento to follow her passion for creating documentaries. In addition to working as a camerawoman and editor, she created Urban Treehouse, a web-series about living a sustainable lifestyle in an ever-growing urban setting. 

Sea Stand Productions gets its name from the Century Stand, a staple of all movie sets. More commonly known as a “C­-Stand,” this ubiquitous piece of film equipment holds most of the lights and grip equipment used on a stage or movie location. Interestingly, this extremely versatile device closely resembles Poseidon’s trident when inverted. Since both Heather and Mikael are avid scuba divers, it seemed most appropriate to join together and create Sea Stand Productions.